In the dynamic and ever-changing world of renewable energy, gaining market access and customized business development services have emerged as critical factors in driving success and fostering expansion. As a consulting firm, we recognise the significance of facilitating market entry and equipping businesses with the necessary tools to explore the nuances of the Ghanaian market. In this article, we proudly showcase our pivotal role in enabling a global prominent player in the renewable energy sector, to establish a strong foothold in Ghana. Through  our tailored business development services, we empowered them to make informed decisions that propelled their growth and impact.

Facilitating Market Access

We played a crucial role in the brand’s successful entry into the Ghanaian market. Our dedicated team meticulously curated a strategy that would maximize their market presence in the region. By leveraging our extensive network and deep market knowledge, we facilitated meetings with top solar companies, forging potential partnerships and paving the way for fruitful collaborations.

Tailored Business Development Services

Our primary objective was to provide the French renewable energy brand with tailored business development services that would effectively guide them through Ghana’s renewable energy landscape. To achieve this, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the market, offering them a  comprehensive overview. We highlighted existing and upcoming projects, identified key players, examined government initiatives, and provided insights into relevant policies shaping the industry. Armed with this knowledge, the company was empowered to make informed decisions and seize opportunities.

Building Strategic Partnerships

Recognizing the importance of partnerships in the renewable energy sector, we utilized our extensive network to identify and shortlist 20 local and international industry players. Through thorough research, we provided the renewable energy distributor with valuable insights into each player’s background, work, and expertise. These insights helped them  gauge potential collaboration opportunities and establish strategic partnerships that aligned with their vision and goals.

Virtual Meetings and In-person Connections

Following the shortlisting process, we facilitated initial virtual meetings between the energy brand and the shortlisted industry players. These meetings allowed for seamless communication and meaningful discussions, laying the foundation for future collaboration. As the next step, we are currently organizing follow-up physical meetings with selected solar companies that the energy distribution company is interested in partnering with in Ghana. Aligned with the upcoming Power and Energy Expo 2023, these meetings capitalize on networking opportunities, creating an ideal platform for BG to establish in-person connections and foster lasting relationships.

Sales Support in Ghana

Understanding the importance of a local presence, we are forming a partnership with the renewable energy company to assist them in selling their best-selling product in Ghana. This involves setting up a sales support team and office in Ghana. By recruiting local talent and establishing a physical presence, the energy company gains a competitive advantage, allowing for better customer engagement and support.

Quantifiable Results

Through our facilitation and business development efforts, the energy distributor has achieved remarkable outcomes. They have successfully entered the Ghanaian renewable energy market, formed strategic partnerships, and gained valuable market insights.


As a consulting firm, we are dedicated to empowering businesses and facilitating market access in the renewable energy sector. We invite entrepreneurs and organizations looking to enter or expand in Ghana’s market to explore our tailored business development services and leverage our expertise. Reach out to us today to discover how we can assist you in realizing your goals and making a lasting impact in the renewable energy industry.

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