Project Portfolio

Showcasing the work we’ve done for our clients. From project management to market entry and everything in between, take a look at some of our favorite projects.


Highlighting our #ACAIC2022participants; the "Bloompool" Team is working on a system for plant #cultivation that uses a water-nutrient mixture.


Introducing Esperanto…. This revolutionary mini off-grid solar-powered battery allows users to have electricity, everywhere and anywhere they are. It has a simple plug-and-play design, hence requires little to no technical expertise to set it up. It is portable, and lightweight but a complete powerhouse. What are you waiting for? Get an Esperanto Kit now and have power on the go!

ISC3 Roundtable Discussion

Introducing our #speakers for Roundtable: Sustainable Chemistry and Circular Economy in Ghana.

Startup Lounges with Urban Inclusion

We are building an African startup community that works for African startups. Join our 100+ startups across the continent.

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