About the foundation

“At the SLA Foundation (SLAF), our mission is to forge a Circular Future for Africa by empowering entrepreneurs, addressing migration challenges, and nurturing responsible leadership.

We are committed to fostering sustainable economic growth and social progress across the continent. Our vision is of a thriving Africa where responsible practices drive prosperity and well-being for all.”


Entrepreneurship: fostering economic resilience

Africa’s economic growth depends on the vibrancy of its entrepreneurial ecosystem. By nurturing and empowering entrepreneurs, we can drive job creation, innovation, and economic resilience. Here’s how we’re making a difference:

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem: We’re building a robust ecosystem that supports startups and small businesses with access to mentorship, training, and funding opportunities.

Job Creation: Over the past decade, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have created around 80% of Africa’s new jobs. (Source: African Development Bank)

Innovation: African startups raised over $2 billion in funding in 2021, showcasing the continent’s potential for innovation and growth. (Source: Partech Africa)

Gender Inclusion: We’re committed to bridging the gender gap in entrepreneurship. Women entrepreneurs are essential contributors to Africa’s economy.

Migration: Addressing Challenges, Retaining Talent

Migration is a complex issue in Africa, driven by various factors, including economic disparities and lack of opportunities. Here’s how we’re addressing this challenge:

Skill Development: Providing skill development opportunities to young Africans helps them secure employment and improves their quality of life.

Reducing Irregular Migration: A reduction of 25% in irregular migration can result in safer journeys and stronger communities. (Source: International Organization for Migration)

Economic Impact: Migration costs African economies billions of dollars annually due to the loss of skilled workers. (Source: African Union)

Advocacy: We’re advocating for safe, legal migration pathways and raising awareness about the risks of irregular migration.

Responsible Leadership: Guiding Africa's Transformation

Responsible leadership is crucial for Africa’s sustainable development. Here’s how we’re nurturing ethical leaders:

Leadership Education: Training 5,000 emerging leaders in responsible leadership practices to drive ethical decision-making.

Public-Private Partnerships: Facilitating collaborations between governments and businesses to promote responsible practices.

Ethical Business: Recognizing and rewarding businesses through Ethical Business Awards, encouraging responsible corporate behavior.

Sustainable Governance: Ethical leadership leads to better governance and contributes to economic growth. (Source: United Nations)


The SLA Foundation’s work is not only important but timely, as Africa stands at a pivotal moment in its history. By focusing on these themes and addressing the associated challenges, we aim to accelerate Africa’s progress towards a Circular Future where sustainable practices drive economic growth and social progress for all its people.